All About US
Footsteps to Our Day

On March 17th, 2011 at approximately 10:47pm in Camillus, NY we met for the first time. St Patty's Day! I walked into the house and shortly after meeting a group of new faces, I saw his. He strutted into the room wearing a green metallic wig, I smiled and knew at that moment that I needed to talk to him. After about an hour of playing beer pong, and of course dominating the table, I noticed him walking outside. I instantly had a need for fresh air myself and had to leave my champion position at the pong table. A group of people were outside talking, and I subtly eased my way into the conversation, just so I could have the opportunity to talk to him. A great success! Slowly people started going back inside one by one. And shortly after, with exception of the rare party guest coming out for a few moments, we were alone. We sang to each other, exchanged stories, he even took interest in my daughter. We showed each other photos and before we knew it, we were locked out on the patio. Everyone else was sleeping, tired, drunk, or had gone home. We remained enjoying each other, very much wide awake for hours. I wanted so badly to kiss him that night. But, alas, it came time for me to leave. I was in ecstasy on my drive home. The entire hour from Syracuse to Rochester. I couldn't believe how much fun I had, and how comfortable I felt around him.... on that night, something told me, he was the one. 

It was a cool spring night.  The sun had set and the frivolities of St. Patricks Day had been underway for a few hours.  My roomates and I were throwing a party complete with jungle juice and pong.  After coming in from some fresh air outside I journeyed into the cramped dining room and saw there before me a blonde haired goddess.  We introduced ourselves and found excuses to be around each other for the rest of the night.  My roomate even went to the lengths of locking us out on the front porch together so we could spend time looking at pictures through our phone and getting to know one another better.  Right from the beginnning it was clear that the two of us had more in common than we even realized.  We sang for each other and shared stories for the better part of the night.  Sad to see the time come when Mara would have to leave on her hour commute home; we didnt waste time to keep in contact as she texted me an inside joke as soon as she left.  Unfortunately the next few months were quiet as we didnt talk much due to the distance.  But the time came when my roomates and I threw another party and the first person I could think of to invite was that golden goddess.  Fortunately she could not make it because of prior engagements, which meant only that we could spend the following monday night to ourselves and truly have our own moment.  The rest, as they say, is history....

"Sexy Pants"

"White Knight"



"My Patrick"


"Puzzle Piece"

"Mr. Warner"

Patrick is a unique man. He is funny, loveable, caring, and a big kid. He has taken me and my daughter into his life without question, and we both feel very loved by him and his family. There are times when I love him, and when I hate him, but I always love him more. There are times I am inspired by him, and times I am frustrated by him, but I am always inspired more. He is my soul mate, my missing piece, my white knight. I love you Mr. Warner. I cannot wait until the morning I wake as your Bride! 

"My Queen"

"Mara Bear"


"Mrs. Warner"

"Butt Head"

"Bitc..... I mean @$$ho!e"

"Puzzle Piece"

"My Wife"

Mara is the most original person I have ever met.  I have found myself drawn to her kind and nurturing nature since the moment I met her.  She has never stopped inspiring me with her independence and strong foundation for family values and good morals.  These are all things she has instilled in her daughter who is the most amazing six year old anyone will ever meet.  Her family has taken me in as one of their own and I love them all dearly.  The day I become your husband will be the happiest day of my life. 

"Cup of Cheese"


"Cheese Sauce"

"Plastic Party Plates"

"Blush App"

"I love your face"

"Quit flopping around"

"Ba Da Da Da, Kim Possible"

"Oh, Oh my God! I am so sorry.... I farted"

"Pink Fuzzy Frogs"

"Yeah... wait, what?!?! You're stupid"


"Cheesy Chicken, no Bread crumbs"

"Remember when you were a vegan hahaha lmao"

(M) I love you

(P) I love you More

(M) I love you most

(P) I love you more than most

(M) I love you more than most of all

(P) I love you more than that, I WIN!