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Kelley and Lorin met April 27th, 2010.  

It was a weeknight and across town a surprise birthday was being held for a friend of Kelley’s. It was Lorin's brother Johnny's 24th birthday and he invited Kelley to join the festivities.

Up until this evening, Kelley had no idea Johnny even had a sister.

As soon as Kelley walked in, Lorin whispered over to her dad, "WHO is THAT!?".  Lorin, normally the "shy girl", was immediately smitten. She stood up, reached across the table to shake Kelley's hand, and introduced herself.

Beset with her charm and personality throughout the night, they enjoyed the evening and before the night was over, he requested they exchanged contact information.

For those of you that are satisfied with the story above...please continue to the next tab.  But for those of you that want the COMPLETE truth...I suppose you should continue reading this, because if I don't add it, Kelley will tell you the entire story anyways...

Kelley asked Lorin to a Rockies game about two weeks later.  She was clearly still intoxicated from her brothers’ birthday and in that short amount of time actually got another boyfriend.  That lasted all of two minutes, so after four weeks, Lorin sent Kelley a text: "Are you going to take me on a date already or what!"

...Kelley obliged.. :)