We have known each other for 10 years now.  We do not have a special "the first time we met" story.  We were young.  We became best friends and eventually, 7 years ago, we started dating.  We couldn't be happier together.  We love spending time together and trying new things together.  We have a very special relationship and are so lucky to have found each other. 

We took a weekend vacation to the black hills during the summer of 2013.  Josh decided this would be the perfect time to propose.  He had heard about a beautiful lake in the mountains and decided to propose there.  The lake was gorgeous and at the end was a small bridge over a dam.  We were on the bridge looking over the lake when Josh got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I was speechless.... and then of course after saying yes...I cried! It was the perfect proposal!

Our wedding will be August 17, 2013 in honor of one of Elisha's favorite people.  The wedding will be on Elisha's grandfather's birthday.  He passed away in September 2012.  We wanted him to be there for us on this day so badly.  Since he couldn't be here we thought it would be great to incorporate him in the most special day of our lives by having the wedding on his birthday.  He was so happy to find out we were getting married.  He loved Josh so much and only wanted what was best for Elisha, which of course is Josh.  We miss him very much and know that he will be smiling down at us on this day.

We would like to thank all of our family and friends for being here for us.  You have all done so much for us and made us the people we are today.  We are so blessed to have all of your love and support each and every day.  Thank you for visiting our wedding website and honeymoon registry.  We can't wait to spend our special day with all of you!

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