St. Lucia is an island on the eastern part of the Carribean and lies on the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean. St. Lucia is known for their scenery and relaxing beaches!

The sandals resort has 3 resorts in St. Lucia, Jake and I will be traveling to La Toc!

Jake and i are not only registering for necessities for our home but we also wanted to make something else open for our guests, a honeymoon registry! Jake and i are having our honeymoon at La Toc in St. Lucia. However, there are some fun excursions or dinners that we might not be able to afford but would LOVE to do! So we made it to where our guests can help pay for a ticket or buy the whole ticket, whatever you feel like doing! It is different but our honeymoon will be something to remember for our whole life so anything our guests can do will mean the world to us! :)