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Joe and Kiera met in Johnston Hall a residence at the University of Guelph.  Friends almost instantly, we embarked on our university careers. With Joe studying Biological Science and Kiera studying Business, they rarely saw each other other than the weekly parties that took place in J-Hall.

Working hard into their third year, Kiera and Joe weren't the closest as they had drifted away as friends and now were more so acquaintances  One day in the Science Atrium Kiera saw Joe studying at one of the tables sipping a cup of coffee, while she too was waiting to pay for a cup of java prior to night class.  Kiera ran up to Joe to say a quick hi and mentioning they hadn't seen much of each other.  Trying to be as smooth as possible Kiera asked Joe for his cell number (although it was already in her address book set as 'Joey') and said they should totally catch up.


Well from there time has flown by.  Since then, Joe and Kiera both completed their undergraduate degrees and moved onto Graduate Certificates at York-Seneca and Centennial respectively. Living in the north edge of Toronto, Joe and Kiera have made their cozy apartment home for over 1.5 years now.   

Four months or more, Joe and Kiera discussed the idea of getting married and knew it was eventually going to happen but never official said they were 'engaged.' Wednesday November 21 was the day that Kiera woke up and knew that was the day.  Throughout the day working at her internship, butterflies and nerves took over. Kiera knew that Joe loves double chocolate cake, so that was how she'd propose. Making the cake and writing "marry me" on it, Joe was presented the yummy dessert immediately when he arrived home from work. Clearly cake was our dinner that evening! 

Now we could say we were officially engaged and everyone would have two years in advance to save up for our Antigua destination wedding!!

We wanted to have a fantastic, simple, and care-free wedding which just screams Antigua. Our ceremony will be short, sweet, and informal.  Everyone is beach casual where sandles or bare feet are the choices of footwear.  Dress is semi-casual and drinks should be in hand! No matter where Joe and Kiera choose to have the ceremony, the landscape will be breathtaking.




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