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Nicole georgis-pinson and James Gaffney's Honeymoon Registry

Sandals Grande St. Lucian
"Thank you for visiting our Honeymoon Registry. We are so excited to take the honeymoon of our dreams and create memories that will last forever."
See all well wishes from our family and friends!See all well wishes from our family and friends!
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Saint Lucia Lover's Rock Sunset Cruise
We'll sail off into the sunset on this romantic cruise that features stunning views of the golden sun sinking into the sea and lighting up the horizon with a spectrum of red, pink and orange shades. We'll snack on delectable appetizers as we stand on deck and watch the sea become ablaze with fiery color and see the Green Flash as the Sun sinks below the horizon; or simply steal away to find a quiet spot where we can be alone together and remember why we fell in love in the first place.
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Each Gift: $85.00
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Unique Ideas

More Fun on Our Honeymoon
More Fun on Our Honeymoon
Thanks to your wonderful wedding gift, we will experience extra indulgence on our romantic honeymoon at Sandals Grande St. Lucian! From room service, to a last-minute spa treatment or candlelight dinner on the beach, our resort credit will be good towards any lavish amenity that we desire. This resort credit will enhance our intimate escape in paradise!
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Available: 7
Each Gift: $50.00
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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Enjoy your special honeymoon week in beautiful St. Lucia! Live it up!”
- All our love, Angela and Chad

Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 1-877-699-5884 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.